MTPC has created a template extending the design options and user-friendliness of the University’s Drupal web platform and adding to effective website creation. 

The MTPC Drupal Template supports responsive webpage layouts and more sophisticated typography while offering simpler content management and maintenance. It is particularly suitable for the small to medium-sized websites (up to 30 pages) often needed by offices, research facilities, conference organizers, and event planners. 

All MTPC-designed websites will adopt the template to achieve a faster turnaround, reduce costs, and more straightforward workflow. The template fully conforms with HKUST’s web design standards. Three websites, including the Covid-19 Info@HKUST website were launched by using the MTPC Drupal template. Over ten websites are under construction using the template.  More enhanced features are now being developed in collaboration with the Information Systems Office.  

RVC in ALL Classrooms and RVC-feed

Following extensive efforts over Summer 2020, the Remote Video Capture (RVC) service is now available in ALL teaching venues managed by the University’s central timetable system. RVC enables faculty members to videotape their lectures, allowing students to review the lectures anywhere, anytime, and for as long as they need to absorb the materials. Two-thirds of the venues are equipped with 1080-pixel 1080p HD cameras for high-quality video recordings. They also support motion-tracking, facilitating RVC for concurrent classes. 

In addition, “RVC feed”, a dedicated setup to support mixed-mode teaching, was launched in Fall 2020. With this setup, instructors teaching through Zoom can share the video signal from the RVC camera installed at the venue.  They can then teach as they normally would in front of a live class, instead of facing a computer webcam. The setup is ideal for instructors using a whiteboard during a Zoom class. Prior booking is required to use RVC feed. For further details of this service, please contact or visit the RVC website 

Digital Cutting Service

MTPC Printshop has rolled out a digital cutting service offering in-house die-cutting for the production of custom-designed materials and items for events, cards, and souvenirs. Digital cutting is especially useful for producing stationery, gifts and packaging in small quantities. It can also assist with 3D lettering and graphics for banners and backdrops, temporary signs, and decorations for events. The MTPC service supports a wide range of materials, including paper, cardboard, plastic sheets, foam board, cloth, and leather. See Video  

Graphic-rich and Responsive EDM

Enhance your communication with the University community through MTPC’s graphic-rich and responsive electronic direct mail (EDM) tool and related design services. EDM will be fully aligned with ITSC email server and different display environments to keep the original design and visuals consistent across different email clients.  Find out more by contacting the MTPC design team.